Dear Parent,
 „Agi Bagi“ was created to support the youngest users for whom entrance into the pre-school period should be a happy and educational adventure! Our purpose is to educate them in friendly conditions. „Agi Bagi“ teaches children not only the essentials of ecology but above all it also teaches them how to cooperate – it makes them realize that we can achieve much more if we work together.
 We are parents ourselves and we know how difficult it is to give a child for the first time a tablet or a smartphone. In the era of emergence of thousands of applications, animations and mutimedia games full of violence, hidden advertisement and charges, it is very difficult to choose appropriate products. Yet we cannot avoid introducing technology to the lives of our children.
 Being parents, we would like to give our little ones a full-value product. This is the reason why „Agi Bagi“ products are from the very beginning consulted with our little spectators as well as child psychologists. We guarantee wise education ad great fun. To You, as the parent, we give a clear message - our applications contain no hidden advertisement or additional payments – everything is simple, readable and honest.

 Thank You for placing Your trust in us and buying „Agi Bagi“s‘ application. We are glad to know that Your child is as important to You as for us!

Agi Bagi Team

Application „Agi Bagi fun for kids“ comprises of two categories:

 You will find here 5 games accompanied by pleasant and cheerful sounds.

1. Dance with Bagingas

 Let Your child dance with citizens of the Bagi side at the planet Agi Bagi. Activate individual characters with a simple method of point and click. You will find there 8 Bagingas who will dance for You their special solo parts with pleasure! You may start with finding all of them and then click at each of the characters to make them dance solo or click at every Baging You find to make him dance from the beginning!
 The Bagingas are illuminated from above by the Sun and the Moon – you may play the game both in the day or in the night! It is up to You. Remember that Bagingas love to dance and each one of them wants to have a go – You absolutely must find them all!

2. Conductor game

 Agi Bagi Band is waiting in readiness to play especially for You under Your baton! The shape of the piece is up to You –You need to decide whether You will begin the piece with Bumbly’s drums or with a delicate sound of Bodjo playing Fifufa. Each character wants to play and is waiting for his turn – you may activate them with a short touch of Your finger! Compose your own piece of music :) Remember that when you touch any character for the second time, he will play for You its solo part! And if you want to keep one of them, touch him with Your finger a little longer. They sound wonderfully, don’t they?

3. Dressing Mr Moon

 Mr Moon has got French roots and as befits a true Frenchman, he loves fashion. This explains why whenever he needs to dress up, he spends a lot of time on selecting appropriate change of clothes. Help him to choose his outfit. At the beginning You will get a tip in the form of a picture presenting the piece of clothing Mr Moon would like to wear. Drag individual elements and put them in the right places to satisfy Mr Moon. Have You succeeded?
Well done! Now try with another set :)

4. Feeding Bumbly

 Greedy Bumbly has just taken a nap. Wake it up and feed it – Bumbly will be very glad for sure! You may use fruit – drag them and drop them right into the mouth of Bumbly. You must see what will happen if it eat too much – touch it full belly! When it eats the fruit twirl the little fan and see what will happen when you touch all the plants and the two other living creatures. Now it’s time for some fun –tickle Bumbly with a feather lying next to it and laugh with Bumbly! Remember that a joke a day keeps the gloom away ;)

5. Planting plants

 Touch Bodjo’s shell – our little friend has a vegetable garden in front of his shell. But is he able to plant and take care of his plant on his own? Help him! Firstly, drag the elements to plant the vegetables. Can you plant them in straight rows? Then use the watering can to water them properly. Plants need to drink water to grow up high – you must show some patience and care. Finally, use the spade lying next to Bodjo’s shell to dig them out.
See what beautiful fruit and vegetables you have grown :)

You will find here free bonuses – episodes from the tv series „Agi Bagi“ and songs:

Ep.1. The Sleepy Sun
Ep. 2. The Fruit
Ep. 3. The Naughty Wind
Ep. 4. A Pile of Rubbish
Ep. 5. Colourful rain
Ep. 6. The New Forest
„Listen to the Flowers“ song – a song for dancing and singing
„Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on Agi Bagi“ –a lovely lullaby for bedtime

 You may watch all the movies online. IMPORTANT –when you click on a green arrow, you may download them and watch them with Your child offline as well!

More information concerning Agi Bagi (new applications and products) are available at